Permethrin 10 Garment Clothing Treatment

Permethrin 10 Garment Clothing Treatment
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Permethrin 10 Garment Clothing Treatment
Sawyer Permethrin Insect Repellent clothing treatment repels and kills mosquitoes, chiggers, mites, ticks and many other insects.   Soak-style treatment fully penetrates fabric for maximum effectiveness; treatment is effective for up to 42 days outdoors or through 6 washings.

Box includes 5 resealable treatment bags, five 6 fl. oz. bottles of permethrin solution, 5 pairs of waterproof gloves, and string to hold items in place while soaking.  Each kit (made up of 1 resealable bag, 1 bottle of permethrin, 1 pair of gloves, and string) adequately treats 1 adult shirt, 1 adult pair of pants and 1 bed net.  Read and follow the directions on box; soak items for 2 hours then hang dry items before wearing. Avoid contact with face, eyes and skin while treating clothing.  Do not use to treat underwear or inner clothing.   Active ingredient: Permethrin 0.5%.  Made in USA. 

You can extend the effectiveness of this Permethrin treatment considerably by storing treated garments in black plastic bags in between uses, out of exposure to sunlight and oxygen.  Permethrin treatment deteriorates slowly on exposure to sunlight and oxygen, which is why reapplication is required periodically.  Permethrin is a man made analog of naturally occurring pyrethrum, a natural insect repellent found in crysanthemums. 

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